• chevron_rightFrequently Asked Questions
    I have lost my assessment fee coupon book, where do I send my payment?
    If you lost your coupon book for your assessment fee, your payment should be sent to the lockbox at:
    Cedar Glen West
    c /o Sage 1, LLC
    PO Box 105007
    Atlanta, GA 30348-5007
    Please remember that you must put your account number on your check before mailing.  Payments will not be accepted at the CGW office.
    You can also pay via the internet with a number of options. Click Here to Find Out More
    Who do I contact about updating my contact information?
    Go to the Contact Us section of this website and you can send your updated information along with the supporting documentation so your information can be changed.  
    What is the purpose of the Board of Directors and what is their role?
    The Board of Directors is responsible for maintaining the assets of the community, insuring the financial health of the association, determining the level of services, and establishing policies and/or rules and regulations governing the use of the common areas. The Board has a fiduciary responsibility to do what is in the best interest of the community and to provide leadership in community affairs as dictated by the Governing Documents. This includes timely collection of assessments as well as payments made for services provided to the community. In general, the Board Members are the decision makers for the community. The Board of Directors is made up of volunteer shareholders of Cedar Glen West and who are elected to that position by the shareholders. All affairs of Cedar Glen West are governed by the Board of Directors.
    Why can't I get the addresses, and phone numbers of my Board of Directors? Don't they work for me?
    Your Board of Directors makes decisions for your community. However, they are volunteers and receive no compensation for the jobs that they perform. Sage 1, LLC handles the day to day affairs for the Board and your community, which entails being a contact for most communications addressed to the Board. Also, legally we are not allowed to give out personal information such as phone numbers and emails of any homeowner, including your Board of Directors.
    How can I find out how my Association dues are being utilized?
    Your Community Manager can provide you with this information. However, your community has an Annual Meeting where your Board of Directors discusses the financial aspect of the Association with the homeowners. Attending this meeting can be very enlightening and helps each homeowner understand the workings of a Cooperative Association.  In addition, your Board meets monthly.  The meetings are in the Calendar section of this website.
    What are Assessments and how are they spent?
    In order for the Board to accomplish the many tasks for which it is responsible, the Association needs operating funds for daily maintenance, repairs, administration and adequate Reserve funds for major repairs or replacements of capital items. The expenses are budgeted each year and then divided out among the shareholders. As a shareholder, you are required to pay a share of the costs in proportion to the size of your unit..
    If I lost the copy of the Association documents I received at my closing, how do I obtain another copy?
    Simply go to the section entitled Association Publications.
    Why is it when I call to speak to my Community Manager, she/he is not immediately available?
    Your Community Manager performs many tasks for your Association and sometimes these tasks require them to be away from the office. These tasks consist of but are not limited to: site inspections, meeting with vendors and Board Members and homeowners. There are also times when a Community Manager is in the office but is unavailable because they are on the phone conducting business with other homeowners, vendors, or Board Members.  Typically, someone in the office can help you out immediately and manager calls are returned within 24 to 48 hours.   
    How does the management company handle issues and complaints?
    Complaints, such as seeing someone violate the rules, should be submitted in writing to the Management Office. Complaints should state the problem; identify the offending homeowner, and the date(s) of the offense(s).  You may also email through the Contacts portion of this website.  We will require your name and unit number, although it will not be disclosed unless there is justifiable cause.  The offender is entitled to a hearing before the Board. Please be sure of your facts before filing complaints.
    When selling my home, who at my management company do I need to contact?
    Please contact the Association office to order a resale/disclosure packet for CGW. The purpose is to provide management with a heads up that you are selling your unit and to provide you/your realtor with information for prospective buyers.
    What is a Cooperative Housing Corporation?
    An apartment building or a group of dwellings owned by a corporation, the stockholders of which are the residents of the dwellings. It is operated for their benefit by their elected board of directors. In a cooperative, the corporation or association owns title to the real estate. A resident purchases stock in the corporation which entitles him to occupy a unit in the building or property owned by the cooperative. While the resident does not own his unit, he has an absolute right to occupy his unit for as long as he owns the stock.
    Who do I contact in case of an emergency?
    If you require assistance after hours, please call the 732-657-8185.  Your call will be directed to an on-call manager who will return your call as soon as possible.  Emergencies may include: sprinkler malfunctions, flooding, major roof leaks, plumbing (pipe bursts) and electrical problems
     *If you are experiencing a life threatening medical or fire emergency, please move to a safe area and call 9-1-1 immediately.  
    What are Robo-Calls and E-Blasters?
    These are two ways in which management or CGW can quickly provide important information to all residents of the property with one phone call or email.  This is most useful in emergency situations such as snow storms or providing advance notice of construction work, etc.  If you are not signed up, you will not be notified.  We also have the ability to text information as well.       
    Go to the Contact Us of this website, select Accounting.  In your e-mail request please include your Name, Your Association Address, An Emergency phone number (such as a cell phone) and an email address. This information is not distributed, sold or otherwise used except for the sole purpose of the Robo-Call, the E-Blaster or texting.  If you or your tenant change phone numbers or emails, it is your responsibility to let us know. 
    Besides parking violations, are there other violations that could result in my vehicle being towed or fined?
    Yes, instances that may subject a vehicle to immediate towing without prior notification to the vehicle's owner include vehicles parked in a fire lane or near a fire hydrant; occupying more than one parking space; extending beyond parking lines; impeding access to sidewalks, street corner ramps, or mailboxes; or vehicles whose security system has been triggered and allowed to continue for more than 15 minutes.  Recreational vehicles (RV's) and vehicles with commercial plates are also not permitted at CGW.  Instances that might result in a fine include: parking of commercial and recreational vehicles within the community; performing major vehicle repairs or maintenance; failure to register a vehicle with CGW; parking of vehicles that extend onto a sidewalk from a driveway pad; and placement of a portable storage container in a visitor parking space without CGW approval.
    What about parking moving vans and portable storage containers in parking spaces?
    Parking a moving van/truck for less than 24 hours does not require approval. Residents needing to park moving and other storage vehicles for more than 24 hours need to notify CGW, which can grant a permit for no more than three days.
    Where do I report problems with the common areas?
    Please continue to report any common area problems directly to the Community Manager at the link provided in the Contact Us section of this website.